Gobber Alchemist


One of the two gobber proprietors of Gallagher and Halligan’s Apothactory. He seems to be the alchemist responsible for the shops day to day needs and all manner of other alchemical creations (that are most notable for not being terribly useful or safe, sometimes both).

Shifty takes pride in his rather elaborate eyewear, a set of multi-focusing alchemical lenses. He appears to have taken up the moniker from a wanted poster claiming “Do not trust this gobber he is shifty”. He is always on the lookout for scrap and interesting bits.

After having traversed the basement level of Gallagher and Halligan’s and witnessing the constructive (and destructive) efforts of the pair of gobbers, the assembled mass of mechanika contraptions loosely fitted to the frame of steamjack, you are unsure whether their industry constitutes gobber nonsense or serious criminal mischief.


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