Prelate Pandor Dumas

Prelate of the Church of Morrow in Corvis


Pandor Dumas is the Prelate of the Church of Morrow in Corvis, pillar of the community, uncle to Alexia and father to Ophelia. With his wife now dead he cares for both his daughter and niece by himself. Though he is a man of only 40 summers, his hair is completely gray and his features are craggy. He may look older then his years, but he is still as tough as Khadoran steel.

Prelate Dumas had the party investigate grave robberies around the city which culminated in the events of the longest night. He has sent you to an Orgoth ruin to the south and west of Corvis in search of Alexia with the hope that you could reclaim the Witchfire and return with his neice

  • He’s a follower of Ascendant Solovin.
  • Currently under investigation by the Order of Illumination in regard to the actions of his niece Alexia on the longest night.

Prelate Pandor Dumas

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