Ophelia Dumas

Daughter of Prelate Dumas, cousin of Alexia


19 year old Ophelia is the daughter of Prelate Dumas and cousin to Alexia (who refers to her as Leah). Although you know little of her mother the, Prelate’s late wife, you are told that with her blonde hair and delicately curved features she bears her a striking resemblance.

Ophelia is currently studying at Corvis University, beyond that you know little about her. From texts recovered from her private quarters in the Cathedral, it’s a safe assumption that she has an interest in Orgoth history.

In the investigation of the grave robberies you encountered Ophelia at Fort Ryker, trying to convince her cousin Alexia to abandon her plans for Corvis. You later learned that she was injured in the Longest Night but not badly.

She has expressed concern that her father the Prelate is mislead about the whereabouts of her cousin and has directed you to ignore his requests whatever they may be, and instead to begin your search to the northeast a location said to hold a Cyrisist temple.

Ophelia Dumas

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