Lomar Steadfast

Rhulic Trader


Lomar is a rather impetuous dwarf on business in Corvis. His business as an engineer and merchant with the Gord Trading Conglomerate lead him to the trading hub of Corvis to seek his fortune with a recently engineered sample of a new metal alloy he claims will make paupers of Clan Serric. From his rather technical description of the process you are lead to believe that the alloy shares properties with Magelock and Serricsteel.

He struck misfortune on the northern roads outside of Corvis when his caravan was beset by brigands as the company was unloading supplies from a barge. If given any opportunity (and he often makes the oppurtunity) Lomar is quick to find fault with every aspect of Cygnaran living, starting with King Leto and his inability to police his roads and working down the list until hes either interrupted or distracted.

Lomar has has hired you to reclaim his stolen merchandise and intelligence. While the complexity of the contract is somewhat bewildering it is certainly generous.

After the events at the Temple of the Incomplete Axiom and with the city of Corvis in it’s current strife, you have enlisted Lomar’s help to safely store the Witchfire and other contraband goods.

Currently has lodging at The Everfull Stein

Lomar Steadfast

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