The Black Bastard


Draegyn is a mystery of a man coming and going with nary more then a whisper, and he is almost always unsympathetic and demanding of those with whom he deals. His “black heart” contributes to his nickname. “The Black Bastard” or simply “The Bastard.” To some that is the only name by which they know him, and it is probably already more then they would ever want to know.

The party met with Draegyn after having been sized up by the man, who as it turns out was looking for a band of worthies ta take on a job for his employer. According to him his employer was robbed of a certain prototypical device ambiguously referred to as a “thunderwicket” and tasked you with stealing it back.

While it became apparent that the errand was not all Draegyn claimed it to be, you were nonetheless able to escape the clutches of the Griffon’s trap and retrieve the nameplate from the archaic steamjack Thunderwicket and thus complete your obligations to Draegyn.


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