Angela Brown

Chancelor of History, Corvis University


You have had fleeting contact with the somewhat abrasive and self-important Chancellor of History at Corvis University. She however did manage to pick up on rumors of the second of two visiting Orgoth historians and presented a formal invitation to Hindenburg.

Contents of letter as follows:

To our esteemed colleague Professor Von Zeppelin
Orgoth Archaeology and Various Antiquities

I extend you my sincerest apologies regarding the issue of your invitation to this afternoons lecture. It only recently came to my attention that you were staying within the city and in fact, and I am loathe to admit your existence at all! I have not as it seems been keeping abreast of the comings and goings of foreign academia, however since hearing that you would be in town, I have made arrangements to correct my oversight. I have reserved for you exhibit space and a time slot should you wish to participate alongside Professor Ambrose, also please accept the following tickets for your staff and any guests.

From the office of
Chancellor of History
Angela Brown
Corvis University

Angela Brown

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