Alexia Ciannor

She's not evil, she's just misunderstood


17 year old Alexia is Prelate Dumas’ niece and cousin to Ophelia. Her mother Prelate Dumas’ wife’s sister, was the leader of the Corvis Coven and was executed a decade ago with the rest of the coven.

Over the lead up to the longest night you discovered that Alexia had inherited her mother’s considerable sorcerous talent and was the one responsible for the local grave robberies. Although you foiled her attempts to destroy Corvis with an army of undead thralls, she managed to recover her mothers remains from the crypt at the Cathedral of Morrow. It was at this time that Elias surrendered the Witchfire to Alexia, when given the choice between her or a hitherto unknown arcanist, on the condition that the thralls be laid to rest and the attack concluded.

At the request of Prelate Dumas, Ophelia and in Conrad’s case Julian Helstrom, you were tasked to recover the Witchfire and bring Alexia to Corvis, or failing that justice. The trail lead you to the Cyrissist Temple of the the Incomplete Axiom deep within the bayous to the north-east of Corvis. A fierce battle was waged and through your efforts the Witchfire was recovered. Circumstances prevented the recovery of Alexia’s body unfortunately.

Alexia Ciannor

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